Inventory, inspection and maintenance of networks

Infrastructure surveys

Maximize your logistics and save time with our certified and rigorous turnkey inventory and infrastructure survey services.

  • 130 technicians and field workers
  • Use of advanced positioning technologies
  • Mobile Mapping Service
  • Real-time fleet management

Inspection, repair and reinforcement of poles

Extend the useful life of your poles and significantly reduce replacement costs by identifying major deterioration such as rot, soil damage and head degradation.

  • Structural analysis
  • Green treatment products applied by licensees
  • Maintenance recommendations
  • Production of complete reports
  • Creation of comprehensive databases and detailed maps
  • Reinforcement of the post with a stake

Evaluation of the condition of the poles

Get a thorough analysis and condition assessment of your poles that helps you plan and budget for repairs, restoration, replacement, clearing and contingencies.

  • Identification of safety, operational and maintenance issues

Our pole condition assessment services reduce the burden of responsibility inherent in operating a network and allow for the creation of restoration packages that can be budgeted, bid and completed to the client’s specific requirements.

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Cable audit patrols

Quickly perform RF detection and geo-positioning of all radiation points in your network with our advanced automated equipment.

  • Detection of the capture points on bi-directional networks
  • Creation of patrol maps adapted to the particularities of your network
  • Complies with federal regulations (NPR-8 and FCC)
  • Easy access to data on our CPAT Web application to generate reports

Cable patching service

Fix the radiation and collection problems of your HFC networks.

  • Complete turnkey patch management solution
  • Contact and follow-up with clients
  • Complete daily reports available on the web at any time
  • Monitoring of objectives and assignment of work orders
  • Specially trained technicians

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Structural inspection of manholes

Effigis provides manhole survey and inspection services as part of the planning and design of telecommunications networks.

  • Management of access requests
  • Location of the elements in the periphery
  • Securing the premises
  • Fault measurement and condition assessment
  • Technical inspection according to regulations
  • 360° camera
  • Quality control
  • OHS Certification – Confined Space Work