Geospatial Professional Services

Data integration and certification

Save time and leverage all of your geospatial information for the benefit of your organization by analyzing and certifying the integrity of your data.

  • Integration of multi-source data
  • Quality assessment of historical data

Development of geospatial solutions

Optimize your business intelligence by developing solutions adapted to your internal processes, using GIS and DBMS technologies, including open source technologies.

  • Data integrity analysis
  • Development of solutions and processes
  • Metadata production
  • Online data publishing (Web GIS)

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Land management

Get a clear picture of your property titles that meets all your cadastral mapping needs.

  • Tracking of property rights
  • Interpretation, description and positioning
  • Cadastral and environmental data matching
  • Preparation of official documentation in accordance with laws and regulations
  • Identification and positioning of easements
  • Production of land expertise reports